Company Structure


Independent Milk Laboratories


IML is managed by a joint board comprising representatives from both NMR and Progressive Genetics. The board is chaired by Professor Patrick Wall (UCD).

 Progressive Genetics

Progressive Genetics is the largest farmer owned cattle breeding co-operative in the Republic of Ireland. The company has been involved in providing cattle breeding services since the early 1950`s.

The Mission Statement of Progressive Genetics is:
Adding measurable value to the National herd through the identification and distribution of optimal Dairy and Beef genetics to its farmer customers.

Progressive GeneticsProgressive Genetics is the majority shareholder in the National Cattle Breeding Centre which operates the National Beef and Dairy testing programme for Ireland. Both Progressive Genetics and the National Cattle Breeding Centre are committed to using technology, research and best practice to add value to the products that it brings to its farmer customers. The use of Genomics for selecting sires for our Breeding programme places Ireland as a world leader in this field.

Progressive offers to its customers dairy and beef semen sales, technician service, milk recording, disease testing through milk samples, heat detection through the market leader "Progressive Heatime", farm computing software through its subsidiary Irish Farm Computers and ancillary farm products.

Progressive Genetics is an ISO 9002 accredited company through EQA (Ireland) Limited for all its activities, and implements quality control procedures over its day-to-day operations.

National Milk Records

National Milk Records (NMR) is the leading supplier of milk recording services in the UK, providing management information on individual cow's performance in terms of milk quality, yield and fertility. It is acknowledged by the industry that NMR is the market leader in the provision and support of dairy software in Great Britain. NMR also supplies aggregate data to over 35 dairy industry bodies including milk buyers, DairyCo and breed societies as well as forming the basis for food providence schemes for retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer. The farmer is the NMR customer and our recording services reach the cows which produce 60% of the UK's milk.

National Milk Laboratories (NML) provides payment and quality testing for all majoNational Milk Laboratoriesr milk buyers in the UK such as Dairy Crest, Arla, Wiseman, First Milk and Milk Link. NML receives bulk milk samples from 98% of UK dairy farms for every collection of milk made by the milk buyer. NML also runs national statutory testing programmes on behalf of DEFRA, NAWAD, SEERAD, the Food Standards Agency and other statutory bodies.

National Milk Laboratories also provides a range of disease and microbiology testing services, including the Cattle Health Certification Scheme (CHeCS) accredited Herdwise programme for Johnes control. NML has recently launched a range of rtPCR testing services for the identification of DNA associated with specific mastitis causing bacteria to assist with effective mastitis control.



For ad hoc SCC or constituent testing contact IML