Service Overview

IML has a wide range of services to help you establish milk constituency, hygenic quality and disease status on farm

iML offer a wide range of services to assess milk constituents, hygiene quality, bacterial contamination and disease status through testing bulk milk samples, individual cow milk samples or blood or tissue samples. Testing services are available to vets, producers, the public sector and research organizations alike.


IML offers a full range of payment testing services with the range of tests, frequency of testing, method of reporting etc all set in accordance with individual client requirements. This service is provided 7 days a week and every day of the year. The IML laboratory operates for 10 hours each day with emphasis on ensuring results are available for milk purchasers and dairy farmers as quickly as possible after samples have been collected off farm.


The HealthCheck service from IML will help you to establish the disease status of your herd and put you on track toward disease control and is designed to be quick, simple and flexible enough to enable you to tackle disease.

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The six common diseases in the Irish dairy herds today that IML test for under the HealthCheck service include BVD, Johne's, Lepto, IBR, Liver Fluke & Neospora.


 The MicroCheck Service offers two types of test to help you take the guess work out of milk quality management. 

Other testing

IML offers a range of additional tests beyond those outlined above to meet the needs of the dairy supply chain. Tests available include:
Antibiotic testing
Fatty acid profiling
Due diligence screening


IML offers a range of microbiology testing services including

  • TVC
  • Coliforms
  • Thermodurics
  • Psychotrophs
  • E-coli
  • Mastitis PCR test (Please click here for more information).

To find out more about IML's microbiology testing services, please give IML a call on 042 96 75 353 and we will be happy to assist you. 


For further information call Customer Services on 042 96 75 353, or email  


For ad hoc SCC or constituent testing contact IML