What is Neospora?

Neospora caninum is a protozoan that causes Neosporosis.  It is known to cause abortion in cattle, sheep and dogs/foxes.


Neospora can be transmitted horizontally by dog or fox faeces.  However, deer, horses and sheep are also a risk. Once on the farm, it can be transmitted via the placenta or through milk.


  • Abortion, between 3 and 9 months of pregnancy 
  • Still birth or premature calf
  • It is not associated with poor health in the dam
  • Young beef animals may have a slower growth rate
  • Repeat abortions possible in the same cow

Prevention and control of transmission of Neospora can involve:

  • Isolating aborting dams
  • Safely disposing of aborted calves
  • Disposal of contaminated bedding
  • Culling infected animals
  • Limit exposure to faeces from dogs, foxes and cats

NML Testing Services

  • Bulk milk antibody ELISA (for dairy herds)
  • Individual cow blood antibody ELISA

Bulk tests for Nespora can be done on an ad-hoc or quarterly basis. The bulk samples can be tested on samples held in the NML fridge or by requesting a bulk milk sample kit.


To order a Neospora bulk milk test please call the NML office along with your Milk Buyer ID on 042 96 75 353 or email

To order a blood test just ask your vet to take a blood sample and submit it to the NML laboratories.


Results are available through normal notification methods. These include post, fax, email or online via the milk quality monitor on Herd Companion.



For ad hoc SCC or constituent testing contact IML